About Us

P.A.I.N.T.S. (Providing Artists with Inspiration in Non-Traditional Settings) is a Washington, DC-based non-profit organization that is committed to providing interactive, hands-on STEM+Arts based educational programs, activities and opportunities, primarily directed toward youth and young adults in underserved communities.

Our mission is “To Create an Arts Ripple Effect” – To promote the ARTS as a catalyst for the healthy cognitive, emotional and physical development of today’s youth and young adults; thereby enhancing their abilities to positively impact their own lives and the communities around them. Ours is a holistic approach, intended to address the needs of each individual’s mind, body and soul. While we work with individuals ranging in ages between 5-35 years old, most of our work and successes have been delivered to those in the 18 and older age ranges, most of whom would be considered “Opportunity[1]” youth/young adults, hailing predominantly from Wards 8, 7, 5 & 4 in Washington, DC specifically.

It’s important to keep in mind, that while ART is fun, nice and appealing, it is SO MUCH more to us. Organizationally, our goal is NOT to create and cultivate artists; but rather, to use the ARTS as a means through which our clients learn and develop a range of skills & competencies, while partaking in the experiences necessary to succeed as productive members of society.

Our Programs combine the rigors and discipline of academic and workforce development skills in a manner that is attractive and comprehensive (by combining the arts, academics, and social counseling, along with the reinforcement of necessary soft skills). And through successful outcomes, we are steadily overcoming the common misconception that using the arts to teach workforce skills only produces artists – not a skilled workforce – one client at a time!

In summary, we provide:

  1. A range of workforce development, workforce readiness and professional development and training for youth and young adults;
  2. An array of support services (Mental Health, Case Management, Coaching);
  3. Skills and competencies (soft-skills) training and education in the Arts + STEM topics;
  4. Computer proficiency and certification training (Microsoft Office Specialist Certifications);
  5. Learning ePortfolio Support & Services (Live It Software distributor, consultant, trainer and advisor);
  6. Job placement support; and
  7. Professionally CreARTive Services, where we hire our youth as freelancers to provide the following to a range of our clients:
    1. Event photography/videography/cinematography;
    2. Web & Graphic Design support;
    3. Logo Design;
    4. Marketing, Sales & Branding campaigns;
    5. Serve as a licensed 3D Issue eBrochure provider; and
    6. More creative, visual arts services. . .

Our team of professionals currently provide professional development, certification preparedness training and consulting services for the following software systems and products.






[1] “At-Risk” versus “Opportunity” Youth/Young Adults: The term “At-Risk”, considered by many to be an outdated label, suggests a focus on prevention and intervention, in the form of social services, tutoring and related programs. However, of late, many have turned to refer to these same youth as a one of our greatest sources of “opportunity.” These individuals represent a population with extraordinary, untapped potential. And in in talking with young people in these situations, many see the benefits of finishing school and getting a decent job. They were extremely hopeful, notwithstanding their challenges. And if you you’re not compelled by the moral, individual argument, then perhaps the economic argument will wake people up. Some researchers have proffered economic calculations about the social costs of these young people – as measured against lost wages the increased use/costs of social services. Some estimate that our opportunity youth cost the U.S. economy, and our society, nearly $93 billion every year.