Programs & Professional CreARTive Service Offerings

We provide a wide offering of programs, activities and professional services to both our students as well as those that our organization serves in the community. The following listing is a detailed, but not all inclusive, listing of our current offerings:

Training (Hard Skills)

  1. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Training;
  2. Technology/Computer Basics
  3. Competency Training, Assessments & Associated Learning Activity Plans
  4. GED Preparation
  5. Communications – Basics of Writing
  6. Technical Arts Training (Visual & Performing Arts)
  7. Creativity Assessment
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Restaurant Server Training
  10. Food Service Handling & Certification

IMPORTANT Note:  Our staff possess the necessary credentials and qualifications to teach and prepare our students for success, whether that be to obtain the requisite certifications or to obtain the knowledge to perform successfully.

Professional Development (Soft Skills/Competencies)

  1. Computer Literacy Training
  2. Career Exploration Workshops
  3. Live It Facilitation, Consulting Services, Feedback & Advisement
  4. Career Assessment/Exploration
  5. Success with Etiquette
  6. Competency Training, Assessments & Associated Learning Activity Plans
  7. Case Management Services & Support
  8. Individualized Coaching & Mentoring
  9. Communications – Public Speaking
  10. Communications –Writing for Clarity, Writing for Business
  11. Job Placement Support
  12. Job & Career Readiness
  13. Resume, Cover Letter & Portfolio Development
  14. Personal Branding Management, Marketing & Sales
  15. Leadership Workshops
  16. Time Management

Life Skills

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Computer Literacy Training
  3. Mental Health Awareness
  4. Nutritional & Physical Activity Education & Training
  5. Life Skills Coaching/Mentoring
  6. Case Management Services & Support
  7. Art Therapy
  8. Navigating Childcare & Schools
  9. Balancing Life & Priorities
  10. Stress Management – Identification & Resolution
  11. Breaking the cycle of abuse
  12. Incarceration, Recidivism & Re-entry

Professional Creative Services – ARTrepreneurship

A unique component to our organization includes our capabilities to provide a wide range of creative service offerings on a freelance or contract basis. The benefits are two-fold; one, these opportunities provide our organization with opportunities to raise monies to fund our Programs, and two, our students are afforded the opportunity to make money, strengthen their resumes and to participate in valuable experiential learning activities. Immediately below is an abbreviated listing of some of our current offerings:

  1. eBrochures
  2. Social Media Setup and Management
  3. Event Photography, Videography & Cinematography services
  4. Logo Design Services
  5. Marketing, Brand & Sales materials (i.e., brand strategy documents, infomercials, etc.)
  6. Press Releases
  7. “Live” Performance Painting
  8. Corporate & Individual Recognition Awards
  9. T-Shirt Design & Production
  10. Commissioned Artwork & Murals
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Print Making
  13. Video & Video Editing
  14. Website Design & Setup