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Leveraging the Arts to foster Cognitive Development, Problem Solving & Communications; and ultimately, improve lives!


Community Impact

Some of the places and faces impacted by our work. . .


Art as a Business and the Business of Art

2016 Arts Leadership Program — Custom Canvas

2016 Arts Leadership Program — Custom Canvas

We are partnering with local artists to sponsor custom canvasing workshops for youth and aspiring young artists in the area.

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2016 Arts Leadership Program — UDC Campus Facilities

2016 Arts Leadership Program — UDC Campus Facilities

Photos of the host site for our inaugural Arts Leadership Program.

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Career Day (Art)

Career Day (Art)

High school students had the opportunity to participate in Youth Arts Month programming activities.

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Youth Services Art Show

Youth Services Art Show

PAINTS Institute, in partnership with the DC Youth Service Centers and DC Public Schools, participated in an art exhibit at a local gallery to showcase some of the art that was created with the youth.

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Youth Recruitment

Youth Recruitment

In preparation for our 2016 Arts Leadership Program, we actively participated in the DC Summer Youth Employment Program recruiting youth into our Summer Program. Youth had the opportunity to meet and network with local artists, as well as to showcase their own talents by sketching on a large pad.

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The work is hard, but the rewards are greater

“They bring practical, structured programs to their opportunity youth, which allows them to gain important skills, both in and out of the classroom.”

“The Program helped me out a lot.  Before coming to one of their Programs, I hated learning, but when I was here, time flew past and I found myself having fun learning.  I was treated with respect, and pushed outside the classroom to be better and do more.”

“The Summer Leadership Program is particularly valuable because it gives its participants unparalleled opportunities to work on meaningful, substantive projects in a collaborative team environment. ” — L. Burgess

“Simply stated, this Program is definitely a way for youth to build their skills and learn how to succeed. Kudos to the team!” — S. McHie

“The Leadership Program, as created, organized, and implemented, is a necessary stepping stone to comprehensive professional and personal growth and development.” — I. Manolache

“I continuously draw upon the valuable skills in leadership, problem solving, communication and collaboration that I sharpened while attending this Program.” — H. Dhillon

“The immediate respect I was given during the Program gave me a sense of responsibility and drive that allowed me to learn and excel in just a few short months.” — A. Bair

  • Quality Structured Programming
  • C. Dockery
  • The Summer Leadership Program is particularly valuable…
  • Kudos to the team!
  • The Leadership Program… is a necessary stepping stone…
  • H. Dhillon
  • A. Bair

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Meet some of our team

Skills Based Offerings

Skills Based Offerings

Ancillary Support Services & Capabilities

  • Case Management 100%
  • Financial Literacy 100%
  • Certified Mentors & Coaches 100%
  • Experiential Learning & Development 90%
  • Workforce/Career Readiness & Development 100%
  • Professional Development Training 100%
  • Personal Branding & Image Awareness 90%
  • Post Secondary Education Preparedness & Counseling 90%
  • Subsidized Work Experiences 90%
  • 4H* & Youth Development 80%
  • Health, Physical Activity & Fitness Training 80%
Technical Offerings

Technical Offerings

Technical Training & Certification Offerings

  • Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Programs 100%
  • Foundational Computer Literacy 100%
  • Graphical & Web Design Training & Certifications 100%
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training 80%
  • Adobe Suite Certifications 85%
  • eMarketing & Social Media 100%
  • eBrochure Training (3D Issue) 100%
  • ePortfolio Software Solutions 100%
  • AI - Workforce Aptitude Assessments 100%
Arts Offerings

Arts Offerings

Visual & Performing Arts-Based Offerings

  • ARTrepreneurship 100%
  • Art Therapy 90%
  • Visual Arts - Drawing & Painting 100%
  • Visual Arts - Photography, Videography & Cinematography 100%
  • Visual Arts - Video Editing 100%
  • Event Planning & Certifications 90%
  • Stagecraft Training & Apprenticeship Program* 90%
  • Visual Arts - Graphic & Web Design Certification 90%
  • Performing Arts - Audio Production & Engineering 100%
  • Culinary Arts 100%
Professional Service Offerings

Professional Service Offerings

For-Hire & Freelance Capabilities

  • Graphic & Web Design Services 100%
  • Event Planning 100%
  • Photography, Videography & Cinematography Services 100%
  • Video Editing Services 100%
  • "Live" Art Performances (Visual/Performing) 100%
  • Communications & Public Relations Support 100%
  • Sales, Marketing & Branding Services 100%
  • Program/Project Development & Management 100%
  • Merchandise & Awards 60%
  • CreARTive Consulting Services 100%
  • Health & Physical Activity Assessments 60%